Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many prints can your booth print per hour and how big are they? The Photo Booth prints 60-4x6 prints an hour. Our events average 250 people in 4 hours. In addition to 4x6's our booth can print traditional sized strips that each measure 6x1.75."

2. Is there a limit on how many prints we can print at my event? No.

3. How many booths do you rent? Currently we have two booths and will be adding more over the next few months.

4. How mobile is your photo booth? We can setup our booth anywhere. We only require a regular 110V household power outlet. With curtain assembly, the booth is 7' Wide by 3' Deep.

5. Are there other photo booths like yours? No. The Louisiana Photobooth is built right here in Louiaiana.

6. Why not disposable cameras? The camera and processing will cost you $10.25 for 24 exposures at Wal-Mart. Of this, our clients report less then half of the images are worth keeping. By using The Louisiana Photobooth, you are guaranteed perfect prints every time. In addition, you and your guests have a favor to take home to remember the event. We do all the work and leave you with the pictures.

7. Can we have the details of our event printed on the strips? Yes! You have the option of several print styles. You can have your event details listed on either one or both sides of the print. This is great for corporate events.

8. Can we brand the booth with our company logo? Yes, we do offer the option of fully branding the booth with your company colors, and logo. Either we can do this or provide your art department with the skin templates. *additional charges apply.

9. Can we get reprints of our strips in color or black and white? Yes. From our web site, you can order strip and individual frame enlargements. Every image is saved in both color and black and white regardless of the tone you chose for your event.

10. How long does it take from when the button is pushed until the strip is ready? It takes 1.5 minutes from start to finish and can print 60-double strips an hour.

11. What fun things can you do with my images? We offer reprints, enlargements (strip size, 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10), softbound books, custom printed thank-you notes, CDs and free online viewing.

12. Can you include a scrapbook for the photo strips? Yes. We can configure the booth to automatically prints 2 copies-one for your guest and one for your photo scrapbook. An extra charge does apply. All rentals, however, includes an extra set of all prints.

13. How did you get into photo booths? Jesse Reich, a professional photographer in Tulsa, wanted to offer his clients an exciting way replace the disposable cameras often found at wedding receptions. The photobooth offers a way to ensure fun quality reception prints, while offering guests a party favor.

14. What happens if the booth stops working? This is extremely unlikely. Since we built it, we know the booth inside and out and are able to problem solve VERY quickly. It is also contractually guaranteed to work at least 80% of time, with a couple minutes here and there to restock paper and ink.

15. How much does it cost? Prices are based on rental time. We can cover an event of 250 people in 4 hours so plan accordingly. All packages include: A full- time attendant, free delivery to the local area, setup and removal, unlimited strips, your choice of color or B&W, a complete set of prints for you, options include CDs of the images, and event text on each strip.


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